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Recreational vehicle (RV) parks are a haven for adventurers seeking a temporary home on wheels. These parks offer a unique blend of community, comfort, and convenience for travelers. However, nestled within this haven is a policy known as the “10-Year Rule,” which sparks discussions about aesthetics, safety, and inclusivity. In this article, let’s dive into the intricacies of the 10-Year Rule, its motivations, implications, exemptions, and strategies to navigate it.


Understanding the 10-Year Rule:

The 10-Year Rule is a guideline practiced by many RV parks, regulating the age of RVs permitted to stay within the premises. Under this rule, RVs older than a decade might face restrictions or even outright denial of entry. While the rule’s specifics can vary from park to park, it generally aims to maintain a certain standard of appearance and safety within the park.

Why Does the 10-Year Rule Exist?

The 10-Year Rule [...]

fifth wheel bed bunk

The allure of a fifth wheel RV combines the thrill of travel with the comforts of home, making it a great choice for adventurers and permanent residency. Yet, the journey to selecting the perfect RV involves more than just choosing a model—it requires matching the unique needs of different travel groups. Whether you’re a couple seeking intimacy and adventure, friends yearning for shared escapades and tailgating, or a family with children in search of memorable journeys, the ideal fifth wheel RV requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Here are some things to consider.

What is the Best Fifth Wheel RV?

There is no single best brand or floorplan of fifth wheel that is the best for everyone. Before buying a fifth wheel, decide on what you want to use the fifth wheel for. Think about the size, features, and layout. Here’s what sets the best fifth wheel RVs for you apart from a bad one:

rv trailer tow

Losing control of your towing rig while you’re driving? That’s a nightmare you want to avoid. You know those times when your travel trailer starts swaying because of the wind or when big trucks zoom past? Well, you can make your driving experience a lot smoother and more enjoyable with just a bit of planning ahead.

rv trailer tow

Here’s the deal: you need to get the hang of picking the right equipment and figuring out how to keep your rig in top shape. That means understanding why the sway happens and how to keep it in check.

Now, let’s talk about sway control. These gadgets are designed to help when your trailer starts swinging around due to things like strong winds or those massive trucks overtaking you. But here’s the catch – if your trailer keeps swaying during normal towing situations, these sway controls probably won’t fix [...]

A noticeable shift in recreational vehicles (RVs) has occurred in recent years, marked by the smallest RV with a shower and toilet. These diminutive yet versatile vehicles are redefining how people experience travel and adventure. As urbanization and the desire for minimalist lifestyles gain momentum, compact RVs have emerged as a response to these evolving preferences.

Are you an enthusiastic traveler who dreams of hitting the open road, exploring new destinations, and enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors? If you’re considering embarking on an adventure that combines comfort and mobility, a compact RV equipped with a shower and toilet might be just what you need. These versatile vehicles offer the best of both worlds, providing the convenience of a home-on-wheels while allowing you to journey off the beaten path.

1. Winnebago Revel: Compact Adventure at Its Best

The Winnebago Revel stands as a prime example of [...]


In RV travel, the quest for independence and sustainability has led to a surge in the popularity of RV solar panels. Harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home on wheels is environmentally friendly and liberating, enabling you to venture off-grid and explore remote destinations without worrying about power sources.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore RV solar panels’ benefits, types – including monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels – installation process, maintenance, tips for optimizing their performance, and a closer look at their environmental impact.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about incorporating solar panels into your RV lifestyle. And if you are looking for RV solar panels in San Diego, you can rely on JS RV Sales & Service. This company is also the most trusted RV solar panel service provider in San Diego.

Benefits of RV Solar Panels

RV [...]